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BINGHAMTON – Our latest installment of our Food and Farm Showcase takes a look at a harvest that hasn’t been seen in this area in the better part of a century.

Over 100,000 pounds of industrial hemp has been hung to dry in a former department store building in Binghamton.

CSG Hemp is wrapping up its second growing season by getting the plant ready to be turned into CBD.

Thirty temporary workers hang the individual branches on fencing for several days before its taken back down and the buds and leaves are removed from the stalks.

CSG will then sell the packaged hemp to another company to extract the CBD which is a wellness product used to treat pain, stress and anxiety.

Kaelan Castetter is CEO of CSG Hemp.

“This is all high CBD hemp. All of the flowers are destined to be quality, New York, safe CBD products. Then, the waste material, we work with a bunch of partners on doing research and development on a myriad of things using the fiber,” he said.

CSG Hemp partners with a network of sixteen local farms.

This year, they planted a quarter million plants collectively.

The farmers are responsible for harvesting the crop and then CSG handles the drying, stripping and bagging and then selling the product to the extractors.

“There’s power in numbers. When you get to the market, it can be quite daunting, and extractors have all the leverage. When you have a good amount of product, you gain a little more leverage in those negotiations. We’re able to bring them together, share the resources and be able to produce at scale a lot easier than all these small farms. So, it gives small farms the ability to be part of something bigger.”

Castetter says CSG also offers the farmers the quality seedlings and advice on how to best grow and care for the hemp.

His company also provides consultation to other hemp growers, processors and retailers regarding regulatory analysis and compliance.

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