Food and Farm Showcase: WP Greenery


WHITNEY POINT – With gardening season nearly upon us, our Food and Farm Showcase is visiting a family-owned garden shop that is busy growing vegetable and flower seedlings.

WP Greenery is located on Route 79 in Whitney Point, although the W and P stand for the first names of the owners Walt and Phyllis Bailey.

The Baileys, with the help of their sons Jessup and Luke, have been planting a wide variety of vegetable and flower seedlings including corn, cucumbers, squash and tomatoes and petunias, marigolds and hanging baskets.

Jessup says the plants are treated with love and care.

“It’s that personal home touch. They didn’t get shipped in from somewhere. We put them in the dirt, we planted them, we care where they’re going, we care that they produce for you and look good. You’re not just another sale,” says Jessup.

The process begins the last week in February as the first batch of seeds are planted in the heated greenhouses.

After that begins a rigorous routine of planting, watering, replanting and more watering.

“It’s all snow and white and cold outside then you come in here and it’s 90 degrees with the sun out and nice and damp, green stuff everywhere, it’s awesome. It lightens your soul. You can just feel it, you feel happier when you walk in,” says Jessup.

WP Greenery suffered a major setback over the winter when the colassal snow storm in December collapsed all 5 of their greenhouses.

So far they’ve managed to rebuild 3 of them and are working on the 4th.

The Baileys thank their friends, family and the community for supporting them during the rebuild.

WP Greenery opens on May 1st and will operate 9 to 5 7 days a week until sometime in June.
There’s more info on their Facebook page.

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