BINGHAMTON, NY – Our latest Food and Farm Showcase features an award-winning high school agriculture teacher who is putting her knowledge to work on her goat farm.

Nellie’s Knoll Creamery at Our 5 Acre Homestead is located in Berkshire.

Michele and Bert Kline started the business on 5 acres in Newark Valley with a handful of goats in 2014.

They started making soaps and lotions using the goat milk.

In 2017, they moved to their current farm and recently opened a creamery making bottled goat milk, feta and flavored chevre cheeses.

Michele says their milk has a rich, creamy taste without the gamey flavor.

“We keep our buck separate from our dairy does. I work closely with a veterinarian at Cornell that has given me some advice about how to keep that goaty taste out of the milk,” says Kline.

The Klines have mostly Nubian and Saanan goats but have recently experimented with a mixed breed of Nubian and Boer that produces a higher milk fat content.

Their herd of about 40 goats produced over 35 babies, or kids, this year.

Michele says the goats are friendly and the kids are popular for their cute and bouncey nature.

But you do need to be careful about what you leave lying around.