Follow these tips to be prepared in any emergency

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September is National Preparedness Month, and you never know when disaster could strike.

The Tioga County Public Health Department wants you to be ready for disasters and emergencies that could occur in our area.

Be informed, and know what kinds of emergencies can occur where you live.

NY Alerts is a system you can use for free and customize to decide what alerts you’d like and how you want to get them.

Planning ahead is also important.

Take inventory of what you have and what is needed – food and water, flashlights, medications and copies of all important legal documents.

The Public Health Department notes you should be prepared for a 72 hour emergency, as that’s how long it could take for them to be able to get to you.

“Being prepared is an important, but difficult concept. You’re essentially preparing for all possibilities, and it may or may not happen,” director Mike Simmons says.

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