BINGHAMTON, NY – Mayor Jared Kraham was joined by members of Binghamton’s Kurdish community to celebrate Newroz.

Newroz is the Kurdish New Years, which coincides annually with the spring equinox.

Kraham says not only does it celebrate the New Year and new beginnings, it also provides an opportunity for people to celebrate the Kurdish culture.

He adds that the Kurdish community locally has done a lot to contribute to the diversity here.

Binghamton Kurdish Resident, Jotiyar Taha, says he is grateful to be able to raise the Kurdish Flag outside city hall.

“Our flag means a lot to us because we do not have Independence Day. But, we fight for, we up-rise for, we will do all we can until that moment to see Independence Kurdish Day and to see the Kurdish Flag in front of United Nation,” says Taha.

Newroz occurred on March 21st, however due to circumstances it was held a week later.
The flag raising was also live broadcasted in Kurdistan.