HARPURSVILLE, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Animal Adventure, a place famous for baby giraffes, is now home to 3 new baby lions.

The female cubs were born on March 23rd and just started opening their eyes last week.
Today, the park held their daily weigh-in for the media to see.

It’s the second litter for mother Bisa and father Solomon who came to Animal Adventure about 5 years ago as cub themselves.

The newest litter is being nursed by Bisa and raised with very little keeper interference.

Animal Adventure owner Jordan Patch says that when their 6 months old this fall, the park will look to transfer them to new homes.

But until then, they hope to have them out on display throughout the coming season.

Patch says, “The exhibit is over 8,000 square feet so there’s adequate space for everyone to have their own areas and spaces to get away from one another if they wish. Or to retreat to the Lion House because we never force anyone onto exhibit. So, they’ll have the choice of exhibition or not, but we expect them to be out and about.”

Patch says the lions do tend to sleep for about 18 hours per day.

Once they’re more mobile, the staff will take tentative steps to introduce them to the rest of the pride.

Patch says the cubs will not have their own dedicated web camera, but regular updates will be posted to social media.

Tigers, by the way, are getting a webcam.

Animal Adventure will have its earliest season opening ever next Wednesday.