FIRST FRIDAY: Michael Albert pop art at Whole in the Wall


Over on the Southside, a natural foods eatery is featuring artwork made largely from packaging taken from processed foods.

Whole in the Wall is hosting an exhibition by pop artist Michael Albert.

For the past 20 plus years, Albert has been creating collages out of cereal boxes, candy boxes and other, readily identifiable consumer images.

He’s known for cutting out individual letters and numbers to spell out well-known phrases like the Gettysburg Address or many of the digits of Pi.

Albert says, “Just the idea of using things that we would otherwise just throw out, but using it instead and turning it into something was something that still holds my interest.”

Albert also sells his own line of fruit juices and fruit products called Sir Real Juice which are sold in New York City.

He will be greeting visitors to the Whole in the Wall tomorrow evening and giving away free signed prints of his work.

You can find out more about him at and see more of his work on Pinterest under Sir Real Juice.

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