First Friday Art Walk: “Inside/Outside”


The Cooperative Gallery on State Street is showcasing two artists tomorrow for the First Friday Art Walk.

Glass artist Barbara Bernstein will be displaying sculptures and glass portraits focusing on the human figure.

Bernstein enjoys creating pieces with facial expressions and over-exaggerated body features.

In this exhibit, she is using pieces from what she calls the “emotional alphabet series” where 26 faces show different emotions.

Bernstein also uses a technique known as vitrigraph where molten glass is poured from a kiln to create a variety of shapes.

She says working with glass has always been a passion of hers.

“Glass itself is such a beautiful substance. A lot of these pieces before they were even cast, when I look at the raw glass I would get excited. I like the way it shines, I like the way it reflects color and especially since I do work with the human body, I like the way you can sort of see into it,” she said.

While Bernstein’s work is an expression of feelings exhibited on the outside, artist Alla Boldina’s paintings are symbolic of internal emotions.

Therefore, they decided to name the joint exhibition “INSIDE/OUTSIDE.”

Boldina uses acrylic paint and other mixed media like paper, plastic, and wires for her works.

She says that colors and textures are important to the understanding of her pieces.

She wants viewers to see them as a transformation in life, and each one as different from the others.

“Every painting for me is a journey. This exhibit is not an exception. So there is a conceptual kind of dimension to everything I do, because my art explores emotional, philosophical and intellectual dimensional being,” Boldina says.

Unlike many artists, Boldina says that viewers of her work are allowed to touch the painting in order to form a better understanding of the meaning.

Boldina, who is originally from Russia and now lives in Harpursville, has worked as an artist for 15 years and will be showing at the Cooperative Gallery.

As for Bernstein, she’s been creating glass art since 2001.

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