Fireworks enthusiasts flock to Mess’s


GREAT BEND, PA – Warm temperatures and eager customers are looking to make a mess of the sky this 4th of July.

Customers have been in and out of Mess’s Fireworks in Great Bend, Pennsylvania today to get some last-minute fireworks for their 4th of July celebrations.

Mortar kits like “We Salute You” and “Excalibur” were at the top of the list for many customers.

Also popular were kits that pop several explosions off in rapid succession.

Store Owner Jerry Mess says the work to get to this moment is worth the effort.

“It’s a lot of work. You use all year round just to do the work, just to get up to this point, but you love it every year, and you miss it when it’s gone, but we are open year round, so it doesn’t totally disappear. We still keep going all summer long, start pretty strong. It’s a fun job. We love seeing the people,” he said.

The prepping season for the 4th of July begins in August, and Mess’s biggest provider is China.

Mess says he ordered for two years last August, which turns out to have been a lucky move as the pandemic has interrupted the production of fireworks in China.

Reminder that the airborne fireworks for sale in Pennsylvania, such as mortars, Roman candles and bottle rockets, are illegal in New York State.

Only ground-based pyrotechnics and hand-held sparklers are legal in New York.

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