Firework safety is important while having fun


Those that did go out and purchase fireworks for tonight, should be aware of how to safely use them.

Fireworks may be beautiful to look at, but firefighters warn that they can also be dangerous.

News Channel 34’s Corina Cappabianca has tips from the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York on how to handle legal fireworks.

When it comes to fireworks, firefighters say to leave it to the pros.

“The most important tip I can give people is go and see a professional fireworks show. Don’t be shooting off fireworks on your own.”

FASNY’s Secretary says even though sparklers and ground-based fireworks can seem harmless.

“They’re not, every year they cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of property damage, bodily injury, and increase stress and strain on the fire departments to have to respond to those calls.”

He says if you are planning to use ground-based fireworks to make sure you dispose of them properly.

“Once the sparkler is done burning, make sure you just don’t throw it away. Keep an eye on the kids especially little ones, they have a tendency when it’s all said and done to throw it in the grass or throw it in the woods.”

And, keep a pail of water handy.

“Put them in the pail of water, dispose of any ashes or remnants of the fireworks properly in a metal can. We always see situations where people throw them in the garbage pail and then a couple hours later we’re going because there’s a structure fire because the garbage pail was up against the house. Or, they throw them in the bed of a pickup truck. And then a few hours later the car is on fire.”

He says using common sense can save lives.

In Albany, Corina Cappabianca.

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