DEPOSIT, NY -After being in the works for just about a decade, the final communication tower for the County’s new public safety radio network is being installed.

County Executive Jason Garnar along with Deputy County Executive Mike Ponticiello and Director Patrick Dewing held a conference this morning to discuss the new system.

According to Garnar, with how old the current radio systems it is difficult for police, E-M-S, and D-P-W to talk to each other.

The system will assist 55 different first responder agencies throughout the County once complete.

“This radio system is the life line between Broome County Dispatch and our first responders out in the field. Broome County’s current system has 12 different radio systems with components dating back to the 1970s,” says Garnar.

Garnar added that this new equipment will meet the county’s needs for the next 20 years.

Once finished, equipment will be provided to all police, fire, EMS and DPW departments.

The new system is expected to be up and running by Spring time next year.