Fighting boredom


One way to fight boredom is with a regular workout. Exercise is good therapy for boredom because it produces mood-elevating brain chemicals, gives you a sense of physical control, and can make you look and feel better. To keep routines from becoming monotonous, exercise with a partner whenever possible. Give your workouts purpose by training for specific goals, like running a ten-kilometer race. And vary your workout by altering your pace, location, and scheduling. For example, if you always exercise after work, consider switching to mornings. True, you’ll probably have to get up earlier, but you may enjoy the boost of energy that an early workout can provide. You may also find that you’re more relaxed at the end of the day, knowing you’ve already gotten your exercise out of the way. Most people gain the greatest enjoyment from activities they can improve in, so taking up a new sport is an easy way to relieve boredom and get you out of a rut. Or, to refresh your interest in a sport you’ve been playing for a long time, try seeking out opponents who are better than you. For more ideas on fighting boredom, talk to a fitness expert.

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