February is American Heart Month


BINGHAMTON, NY – February is American Heart Month, and despite the COVID pandemic continuing to remain prevalent, doctors are urging people not to ignore potential signs of heart issues.

Heart Disease remains the number one killer of American citizens, and any symptoms of a heart condition need to be closely monitored by a doctor

However, Doctor Alon Yarkoni at UHS Medical Center says they’ve seen many people who have been reluctant to come into the hospital or doctor’s office to be checked out due to fear of contracting the virus.

Despite that, Doctor Yarkoni says you should still remain in contact with your doctor if you’re experiencing any heart issues as some symptoms of COVID can also match symptoms of potentially deadly heart conditions.

“Interestingly, we saw a lot of patients that thought that they were having COVID infection early on. But, they, in fact, were having acute cardiac issues like atrial fibrillation or even a heart attack,” says Yarkoni.

Doctor Yarkoni says it’s been a challenge over the last year to properly diagnose patients with these symptoms because of how similar they are to one another.

However, he added that with all the testing equipment the hospital system has they have been able to more easily determine what the symptoms are stemming from.

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