BINGHAMTON, NY – Binghamton University is turning to its alumni with its largest fundraising goal ever.

The university announced its latest capital campaign over the weekend titled “Excelerate: Moving at the Speed of Binghamton.”

The goal is to raise 220 million dollars in support of student scholarships, faculty fellowships and new programs.

While this past weekend marked the official launch, the campaign got started quietly a couple of years ago and has already amassed 150 million dollars toward the goal, including the school’s largest single gift ever,

60 million from an anonymous donor to build the new baseball stadium.

Howard Unger graduated in 1982 with an accounting degree and is the chair of the campaign.

“With our alumni now seeing how successful the school has become, alumni like myself feeling that Binghamton enabled them to achieve something they would have not been otherwise able to achieve, they’re really anxious to give back to the university,” says Unger.

Over the weekend, B-U held a combination virtual and in-person launch with a series of presentations and demonstrations showcasing the work and research of its students and faculty.

The campaign is scheduled to run for another couple of years.