Every Vote Counts Rally held Downtown


BINGHAMTON, NY – Following President Trump’s remarks last night, local activists are worried that some votes may not be counted.

Community groups and local activists gathered outside the Federal Building in Binghamton to express their outrage over the president’s demand that the counting of votes should be stopped.

Protect the Results, a coalition of about a hundred groups that claim to be bipartisan, organized the protest.

Speakers denounced the language used by Trump in arguing that the count come to an end.

Binghamton City Councilwoman Angela Riley says we should look at the Constitution to do things right.

“We have documents that have been vetted and approved, that have been in existence before you and I and the current president were even born. Lean on those documents. We’ve voted, we’ve nominated, people were appointed to positions. Let them follow what our documents say,” says Riley.

The protesters, who believe Democrat Joe Biden still has a path to victory, accused Trump of wanting to cut the vote short and distort the numbers.

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