BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The entire senior class at Binghamton High School filed into the auditorium this morning to hear that every single one of them has been accepted into SUNY Broome.

Broome’s College Express Program started several years ago, and serves as a mass, instant admit program for high school seniors.

Representatives from SUNY Broome visited Binghamton High School this morning to deliver the surprise announcement to the entire senior class.

Even if a student does not intend to study at the community college, their information is recorded in Broome’s system, and they can always return without having to reapply.

SUNY Broome President Kevin Drumm says that the college express is not a train, its not a bus, but its a pipeline to forward your education and career.

“We’re here to admit, pretty much, the entire senior class in one fell swoop, which is how it got the name, the Broome Express. This will be the fourth high school where we’ve done it, but the first time at Binghamton High and we’re really excited about it.”

Representatives from the college presented the seniors with a basic understanding of how to register for programs and classes.

The Broome staff will be holding several workshops at BHS in the near future to further detail how to apply for classes, and to get the most out of your time at college.