BINGHAMTON, NY – During a time of war and pandemic, local clergy of the Episcopal faith gathered today to remember God’s call in their lives.

Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe led priests, deacons and members of the laity in a Renewal of Vows at Christ Church in downtown Binghamton.

The service also included blessing of the oil used for anointing.

It was the first time the renewal of vows was held in-person in 3 years.

Duncan-Probe says the church has learned a great deal during the pandemic.

“The church has responded by doing more online gathering, it’s certainly informed our understanding of what it means to gather as a people. We have also become more adaptable, more resilient. We’ve learned to do things in new ways, to find God in the everyday of life,” says Duncan-Probe.

Duncan-Probe says the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York has raised more than 50 thousand dollars for the global organization Episcopal Relief and Development.

It’s partnering with churches to assist Ukrainian refugees in European countries as well as those who have made it to the U-S.