VESTAL, NY – Binghamton University students engineered a solution for a veteran with PTSD.

Engineering students created a special device that a service dog can use to assist its owner. The students worked alongside Cathi Abramshe, a U.S. army veteran, and her service dog, Chesty.

Cathi sometimes endures PTSD-induced dreams. Cathi’s idea for the device was to build a light that her service dog could operate when she was having these nightmares.

Brion Byfield was the finance and logistics manager for the project and says it’s really satisfying to take someone’s ideas and turn them into reality.

Brion Byfield, the Finance and Logistics Manager for the project says, “She has a service dog, the service dog pulls a sheet over her like when she’s having one of these panic attacks or PTSD nightmares. And before, the service dog used to turn on the light, but she didn’t like how the light was making her wake up; it was making her wake up in a frenzy.”

The light can change colors, fade in and out, and has adjustable brightness levels. The students listened to Cathi’s recommendations and sent her several prototypes before the final version.

The group was given a budget of one-thousand dollars.