ENDWELL, NY – Some detective work by a local civic organization could bring back the original sounds of one of our area’s historic merry-go-rounds.

The Endwell Rotary is in talks with an Illinois collector to acquire and reinstall the Wurlitzer Band Organ that went with the Highland Park Carousel.

That carousel was originally located in En-Joie Park in Endicott near Union-Endicott High School.

When the carousel was moved to Highland in 1967, the organ, which was in need of repair, was sold to local collector Harvey Roehl.

It subsequently was sold to its current owner when Roehle died in 2000.

Longtime Endwell Rotarian Dennis Camarda is spearheading the effort to reunite the organ and carousel.

He remembers riding it as a child.

“The one thing I noticed about this band organ, as a kid, is that it had a palm tree on it. And I used to say to myself, ‘What in the world is a palm tree doing on a band organ here in the Triple Cities where it snows and it’s cold and it just doesn’t make any sense.’ And yet, then again, I said, ‘Hey, there must be something about this band organ that they loved and that’s why they have it here,” says Camarda.

Camarda says the organ is in good working order now and the Rotary Foundation has committed as much as 25 thousand dollars for its purchase and installation.

If negotiations work out, he’s hopeful that a dedication could be held during this year’s Fourth of July celebration at Highland Park.