STATEN ISLAND – A Staten Island an has been arrested after faking multiple COVID positive tests to get government benefits.

23 year-old Ajani Shaw was arraigned on Tuesday for the crimes, committed in April through August of 2020.

When the pandemic started, Shaw was employed part-time at Seaview Nursing Home in Staten Island, working in kitchen service.

He filed a workers’ compensation claim claiming exposure to COVID-19, and included an “out of work” note signed by a physician.

He also submitted two COVID positive tests to the insurance carrier dated April 8th.

Shaw then submitted six more positive tests dated May through August of 2020, as well as an out of work note prescribing four more weeks of quarantine.

Shaw got paid by the carrier through July of that year, when the carrier then noticed all of Shaw’s positive results used the same specimen.

An investigation revealed that Shaw did submit two real COVID positive tests back in April, but the rest were fake.

He did have two physician appointments in April of 2020 but not again until August, meaning the 4 weeks of quarantine note was fake.

Shaw received $150 a week, accumulating a total of $1,761 in indemnity payments.