Endicott plans the revitalization of Washington Avenue


ENDICOTT, NY – About 3 years ago, the village of Endicott received the Greater Binghamton Fund grant.

It got the okay to start planning the revitalization of Washington Ave at the end of last year.

NewsChannel 34’s Jackie Gillis joins us in the studio now with more on what the planning process looks like.

The village has 6 million dollars to spend on the avenue.

Mayor Linda Jackson has been holding committee meetings since January to figure out where that money should be spent.

Twice a month the committee that Mayor Jackson put together has been meeting to discuss their ideas for the streets, alleys, and parking lots along the Ave.

Today, she invited residents and business owners to come and listen to those ideas and give their feedback.

Business owners came prepared with ideas and changes that they would like to see happen to the Ave.

Ways to beautify the ave was a pretty big topic, residents want to see more trees and new sidewalks.

However, Mayor Jackson says her plan is to focus on the safety first, and then beautification.

“So, I think that working on the safety and the perception of safety is number one. If I have enough people who can campaign, they said they would like a safety campaign, these are fantastic ideas that we didn’t even think about,” says Jackson.

Eventually, the committee will narrow the ideas down to 3.

From there, Delta Engineering will create a website with those ideas, for any resident to view at any time if they cannot attend the meetings.

Once blue prints are drawn up, she’ll hold a meeting so residents can actually get a sense of what the Ave could look like.

The actual construction and work on the Ave does not begin until next year, however.

So residents have the rest of the year to voice any concerns they may have.

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