ENDICOTT, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson says she’s in jeopardy of getting kicked off the ballot due to opposition from within her own party.

The Broome County Board of Elections confirms that Bonnie Cornick, a registered Republican in Endicott, has filed a challenge to Jackson’s election petitions.

The Mayor submitted 109 signatures, not many over the threshold of 98 that were required to make the GOP primary against Trustee Nick Burlingame.

According to the challenge, Jackson used a witness for one of her petition sheets who had already signed a petition for Burlingame, which is not allowed under New York State election law.

If upheld, she would lose the 47 signatures on that page and be disqualified from the ballot.

Jackson says she’s frustrated that party insiders are working against her, the incumbent, in favor of Burlingame.

She believes she has angered some people by collaborating with Democrats, even once appointing Democrat Cheryl Chapman as her Deputy Mayor.

Jackson says she’s always been independent-minded and is focused on doing what’s best for the village, not what the party bosses want.

She says that if Endicott Republicans were to choose her opponent in the primary, she could live with that, but she thinks it’s not right to prevent her from running.

Jackson also criticized the Conservative Party for endorsing Burlingame, alleging that it is another arm of the local Republican power structure.

Broome County Conservative Party Chairman Aaron Martin tells NewsChannel 34 that his party’s committee followed its normal procedure in considering the applications of both candidates and chose Burlingame based on his strengths and track record and not as a repudiation of Jackson, who they endorsed 4 years ago.

Martin says he takes offense to any suggestion that the local GOP tells the Conservatives what to do.

Broome County Republican Committee Chair Benji Federman chose not to comment on Jackson’s complaints.

Elections officials are currently researching Cornick’s objection and will issue a ruling and Jackson would have the right to appeal.

If she is kicked out of the Republican primary, her only remaining avenue toward being on the November ballot would be to collect signatures for an independent line.