ENDICOTT, NY – The Village of Endicott made its video presentation to apply for 10 million dollars in New York State Downtown Revitalization Initiative funds today.

As NewsChannel 34’s Jim Ehmke shows us, the goal is to make Washington Avenue more appealing to companies considering a move to the Huron Campus.

Mayor Linda Jackson says it’s an exciting time for the Village of Endicott.

And it all begins with the 31 million dollar sale of Huron to Phoenix Investors. Jackson says Phoenix is a national leader in rehabbing industrial real estate.

“They really seem to take an interest and care about our contamination history and they want to take care of Endicott. We’re just so lucky that Phoenix chose us because they could go to anywhere in the United States and they chose Endicott. We’re very, very thrilled,” says Jackson.

Jackson says the real estate deal had been in the works since before the pandemic.

She says the goal is to boost manufacturing, especially in the green energy sector.

Imperium 3 New York is retrofitting this space to produce lithium ion batteries while Ubiquity Solar plans to occupy this building to produce industrial solar panels.

“We’ve got to start doing business in America. And both Ubiquity and Imperium are going to concentrate on using North American suppliers, we’re not going overseas,” says Jackson.

Phoenix says it is reconsidering the need to demolish all of the former IBM buildings east of McKinley Avenue.

And it praises the efforts by IBM to remediate the underground toxic plume.

Jackson says split sampling done by IBM and the village’s third-party lab confirmed that 95 percent of the pollution has been cleaned up and that the remaining 5 percent is trapped in soil.

“I thought IBM was threatening to leave and they said ‘No.’ I have it in writing from Poughkeepsie, they are never going to leave. They are here indefinitely because they are going to continue cleaning that soil to make sure there is no more contamination,” says Jackson.

Meanwhile, the Village is looking to add to the 6 million dollars it received from the state’s Greater Binghamton Fund to address the Avenue, the Ideal Alleys, the municipal parking lots and the business district gateways.

If it wins the 10 million dollar D-R-I, it plans to add security cameras on the Avenue and parking lots and build a combination covered outdoor skating rink and farmers market, among other projects.

“We want to spruce up Endicott even more to bring in these new companies and these new employees to want to work and live in Endicott. It’s declined over quite a few years and we just want to show that we’re starting to rebuild it back up,” says Jackson.

Phoenix may take the first steps toward beautification as it plans to paint some of its buildings, such as BAE, to match the tenants’ colors and branding.

Jackson says Endicott is in the running with Norwich and Ithaca to win two 10 million dollar D-R-I awards.

The organization Endicott Proud assisted the village with its application.

Jackson says the winners will be determined on Monday but announced at a later date.