ENDICOTT, NY – Both Endicott and Vestal are receiving some state help to deal with water infrastructure issues.

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo announced 3 grants, 2 for Endicott and 1 for Vestal, during a news conference at Endicott Village Hall yesterday.

Endicott will get over 4 million dollars to drill a new drinking water well to replace 2 older wells that have been found to have too high a concentration of iron and other metals.

Those decommissioned wells are located along South Street.

The new well is expected to pump 2 million gallons of water per day from the aquifer to complement the Rainey well located near Grippen Park which pumps 5 million gallons each day.

Endicott will also receive 75 thousand dollars to perform work on its sewage treatment plant.

“This is a big deal because our water infrastructure has been needing an upgrade for a long, long time. The village just doesn’t have the money to do it. We don’t want to raise the rates a lot because people just can’t afford it. We’re worried about their finances also as well as taxes. So, these grants are a very be help,” says Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson.

Across the river in Vestal, the town will receive nearly 1 million dollars to improve a water main that runs from Old Vestal Road along Bunn Hill Road servicing Binghamton University.

It’s expected to provide greater water flow to customers as well as fire hydrants in the area.