Emotional abuse


The emotional abuse of a child can result in impaired psychological growth and development. Forms of emotional abuse include verbal abuse or excessive demands on a child’s performance and usually results in a negative self-image on the part of the child and disturbed child behavior. Emotional maltreatment has an adverse effect on the development of personality because rejecting, ignoring, terrorizing, isolating, and corrupting behaviors all undermine an individual’s competence. There are some words that people should never say to each other in a family, like dummy, stupid, idiot, worthless, freak, dope, and jerk. Even when parents love their children and want them to do well, families can become caught up in a vicious cycle of harsh words that send hurtful messages to children. Contact a child safety program in your area to find out about steps parents and children can take to help protect their families from becoming entrapped in emotional maltreatment.

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