BINGHAMTON, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) A local course has welcomed a historic number of golfers so far this year.

On Tuesday, Mayor Jared Kraham announced that the city-owned Ely Park Golf Course hosted more than 17,111 rounds of golf through the month of July. This is a significant year-to-date increase of more than 2,000 rounds over the 2022 season.

“A few seasons into new management at Ely Park Golf Course, and residents are seeing overwhelmingly positive results,” said Kraham. “The public golf course is hosting a record number of rounds, attracting more golfers and delivering the best course conditions in decades. Ely Park has always been a special place, offering an affordable, accessible recreational opportunity for Binghamton residents — especially seniors. Now, it’s one of our area’s most popular outdoor attractions and increasingly becoming a regional golf destination.”

Membership sales this season are also up by 43% from last year.

In 2021, the city hired national golf management firm, Indigo Golf Partners, to operate Ely Park. The firm manages all operations at the course including golf services, course maintenance, food and beverage sales, marketing, and financial and administrative duties. On July 20, the course set a new record for daily rounds with a total of 238.

“Despite some challenging weather this year, attendance and sales at Ely Park Golf Course are on the rise, and we continue to hear positive feedback from visitors,” said Christopher Strand, Regional Director of Operations for Indigo Sports. “We are proud that, with the support of the City, we’ve been able to turn things around at Ely Park Golf Course, tap into its immense potential, and deliver a premier golf product for the community.”

The City of Binghamton has owned the Ely Park Golf Course since it was built in 1933.