BINGHAMTON, NY – In honor of the 120th anniversary of one of the most influential rabbi in modern history, local officials recognize this day as “Education and Sharing Day.”

April 12th is the anniversary of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

According to representatives, Schneerson’s teachings inherent the goodness of mankind and the profound value of event the smallest good deed.

Rabbi Levi Slonim shared that he wrote Schneerson many times when he was younger and never expected anything in return, however, Schneerson always wrote back.

“The point of education, sharing, is that there is no human being in the world that we should not look out and try to help,” says Slonim.

In honor of Schneerson and Education and Sharing Day, they started ARK.
Which stands for Acts of Random Kindness.

It is shaped like an ark, and the idea is someone fills it up with money and then passes it off to someone in need.

Slonim says he hopes this can turn into Acts of Routine Kindness and hopes this will help bring people together.