ALBANY, NY – The first of two primaries will be taking place in just a couple weeks.

As Capitol Correspondent Jamie DeLine tells us, early voting will be taking place soon.

Starting Saturday, early voters can cast their ballots for the primary elections that will be held on June 28th.

“A voter can vote at any site in their county unless they are in New York City in which case they will have an assigned site. This year, there are also extended early voting on the weekends so in most cases poll places are open until about 5 or 6.”

In order to vote, only people who are enrolled in a party can participate. However, if you requested an absentee ballot, but decide you want to go to a polling site instead, there’s a change you should be aware of.

“You will be asked to vote by affidavit ballot instead of allowing you to vote on the machine, this was a recent law change, but you also have the option to drop off your absentee ballot in person if you prefer at any poll site within your county.”

She says this new law allows the board of elections to count absentee ballots faster. The gubernatorial race is among the elections democrats and republicans will soon be voting for.

According to a recent poll by Nexstar, Emerson College, and the Hill: Governor Kathy Hochul poling at 57 percent— a strong lead ahead of Democratic candidates Tom Souzzi and Jumaane Williams.
On the Republican side, the race is a little more narrow with Lee Zeldin in the lead at 34 percent and candidates Rob Astorino and Harry Wilson one percentage point off from tying in 2nd place. Andrew Giuliani is also a candidate vying for the governor’s seat, with a polling number at 13 percent— not far off from Astorino and Wilson’s numbers.

Early voting will be taking place until June 26th.