BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – An artist with a passion for painting is showcasing some of her latest work at Whole in the Wall restaurant.

28 year-old E.B. Schott has been an abstract painter for the past 13 years. This exhibit is called “Days of Noon” and highlights the transition of darkness to light within both nature and people. Schott, who is on the autism spectrum, says even nature itself plays a role in her creations as she will often leave her works to dry in the sun, or allow rain to drip onto the fresh paint. She says these paintings have a symbolic meaning for her.

“The mood swings of the winter and how the weather and the people go through the ups and downs, and the battling. To the bright spring with the tulips blossoming and the sunflowers coming. And that’s what it means to me, “The Days of Noon.”

Schott has also developed a new passion for cooking and plans to go to culinary school in Switzerland this October where she will be able to incorporate art into her cuisine. While Whole in the Wall will be closed for this Holiday weekend and thus First Friday, you can check out the exhibit next week. It will be open 11 to 2 next Tuesday and Wednesday, 11 to 5 Thursday through Saturday and back to its regular hours the week after that. The exhibition closes at the end of the month.