BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Lovers of both Dunkin’ and Halloween are in for a treat this spooky season as the brand unveils a creepy-crawly decor item.

The Dunkin’ Spider Donut has gained a cult following since its release in 2017. Now, you can showcase your love for the popular treat as it rises to new heights. On Tuesday, Dunkin’ released a six-foot-tall Inflatable Spider Donut, perfect for decorating porches, lawns, front stoops, and more. The larger-than-life inflatable is $99.99 and mimics the original donut design with glowing orange frosting and a spider Munchkin in the center. It is the first of its kind and serves as Dunkin’s first foray into Halloween merchandise as it sets the stage for future inflatable treats.

According to Dunkin’, the inflatable is for everyone that’s ever said “Man, my yard could really use a 6-foot-tall, lit up Inflatable Spider Donut to turn my Halloween decor game up a notch.” Dunkin’ says it’s also for everyone that’s never said that too.

“Our Spider Donut has increasingly become a symbol of the Halloween spirit here at Dunkin’,” said Kemma Kefalas, Director of Brand Engagement at Dunkin’. “Every October, we watch our guests celebrate the spooky season with Spider Donuts in hand. This year, we wanted to create a new and out-of-the-donut-box way for Spider Donut super fans to showcase their love for the season with this inflatable masterpiece.”

The beloved Spider Donut is set to return to bakery cases nationwide on October 11.

For everyone who wants to keep their favorite spooky sweet on hand, a limited-edition Spider Donut Keychain is available for $7.99 exclusively in-store at participating Dunkin’ restaurants.

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