BROOME COUNTY, NY – Broome County has arranged to distribute dry ice to residents who continue to lack power as a result of Tuesday’s damaging snow storm.

The dry ice can be used to keep food at a safe temperature while refrigerators and freezers aren’t working.

The county is handing out 8,500 pounds of dry ice between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Thursday at the following locations:

Chenango Fire Station, 1041 Castle Creek Rd.

Union Center Fire Station, 1811 Union Center Maine Hwy, Endicott

Vestal Town Hall, 605 Vestal Pkwy W., Vestal

Glen Aubrey Fire Station, 32 Octagon St., Glen Aubrey

Windsor Fire Station, 4 Academy St., Windsor

First Ward Senior Center, 226 Clinton St., Binghamton

The county says it anticipates receiving another 30,000 pounds later Thursday morning and will announce further distributions Thursday afternoon.