BINGHAMTON, NY – A local grocery store whose mission is to expand healthy food access on the Northside of Binghamton, is offering a new program.

Greater Good Grocery is the first place in Binghamton to offer the Double Up Food Bucks Program.

D-U-F-B is healthy food incentive program that provides individuals or families who you SNAP benefits with a dollar-for-dollar match on produce.

Executive Director of the Broome County Council of Churches, Joseph Sellepack says families should never have to chose between shelf stable products and produce.

“This will allow people on SNAP to expose their children to broccoli. Isn’t that exciting? It should be a lets get it all up kind of thing right, because that is the point of this program. We want people to be exposed to good food,” says Sellepack.

D-U-F-B matches the value of SNAP dollars spent on locally grown fruits and vegetables up to 20 dollars a day.

Starting today, SNAP users can go into Greater Good Grocery and sign up right at the register.