Dorian downgraded to a category 2, but still threatens Florida


NEW SMMYRA BEACH F.L -Hurricane Dorian is now expected to approach the Eastern coastline of Florida some time later tonight as a category 2 storm.

It may have weakened but Dorian has already left so much devastation across the Bahamas, killing at least 5 people.

In the US, states of emergency have been declared from Florida to Virginia.

ABC’s Elizabeth Hur is in New Smyrna Beach, Florida with the latest.

Hurricane Dorian on the move after wrecking havoc across the Bahamas.

The destruction – deadly and historic. The Salvation Army so far, estimating up to 13,000 homes destroyed.

Disaster response teams from the US now on the ground – providing humanitarian assistance.

This as millions of Americans from Florida and North Carolina remain under evacuation orders bracing for Dorian.

It’s impact already being felt in Florida.

“Dorian’s outer bands have already impacted our customers in the area.”

Leaving thousands dark overnight.

Sinking boats off the southern coast of Flordia.

Grounding thousands of flights and completely shutting down several airports across the state.

“More days to go..the threat is not over.”

In Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, residents are still boarding up and filling sand bangs, with authorities warning, have a plan and be ready.

“If you live in a residence that flooded over the last four years between the 2015 storm, Matthew, Irma you should evacuate your residence and move to higher ground and stay out of harms way” says Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg.

Here in Flordia, the governor says, while the current track looks encouraging for Floridians, he is still urging everyone to stay patient and vigilant.

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