BINGHAMTON, NY – It can be hard to stay in isolation following a positive COVID-19 result.

Though you’re eager to get out, the CDC has specifics on ending your isolation period.

Most people are good to leave their homes after 10 days in quarantine, but not everyone.

If you still have a fever, and have had one for the past 24 hours, you should contact your local Health Department. You should not be released with a fever of any kind.

If you are severely immunocompromised, were hospitalized, on a ventilator or had taken any other serious steps to clear the virus, you may be required to quarantine for up to 20 days.

Those who recovered but get a COVID-19 within 3 months of getting the virus may test positive. This does not mean that they have contracted the virus again and probably won’t be asked to re-isolate.

Those who never showed symptoms must wait 10 days following their positive test result.

Contact your health department or primary care provider for more guidance on ending your isolation period.