JOHNSON CITY, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli recently visited our region to give back some unclaimed money.

DiNapoli partnered with State Senator Lea Webb to host an unclaimed funds event in Johnson City. The event featured representatives from the Comptroller’s office guiding people through the process of reclaiming their lost funds. The Comptroller says that there is $18.4 billion of unclaimed money in New York State, with over 33 million of it in Broome County alone.

As part of the event, DiNapoli hand delivered unclaimed checks to several community groups such as Binghamton University, who received over $16,000. DiNapoli says raising awareness of the unclaimed funds is important, because most people don’t realize they are owed money.

“We love to partner with local officials as we are doing today here in Johnson City, because we want people to know that this is your money, and we really are returning it. Sometimes people say to me when they find an unclaimed fund, ‘oh thank you so much for giving it to me’. We are not giving you anything that wasn’t yours to begin with,” said Dinapoli.

Other organizations that recieved checks include the Boys and Girls Club of Broome County, the NAACP and SUNY Broome. DiNapoli encourages citizens to search the unclaimed funds database, to see whether you or someone you know is eligible to receive money.

To search the database and to get more information, visit OSC.state.NY.US.