EN-JOIE GOLF COURSE, NY – Greater Binghamton’s favorite delicacy is available at the Dick’s Open again.

Lupo’s is once again serving their popular chicken and pork spiedies at the tournament this year.

Last year, due to COVID safety precautions, not only was attendance limited, but the concessions offerings were reduced, leaving spiedies off the menu.

Sam Lupo says his family’s business has been a part of the open for roughly 35 years.

He says people definitely noticed what was missing last year.

President of Sam A. Lupo & Sons Sam Lupo says, “We were asked, ‘Where were you? How come we couldn’t get spiedies?’ So, yes we were asked quite a bit and we’ve had quite a few people tell us, ‘We’re glad you’re back.'”

Lupo says that not only do a lot of Greater Binghamton natives returning to town for the open look for spiedies, they’re popular with the caddies and golfers alike.

Even if they do call them “spideys.”