Fitness plays a major role in the success of any athlete.

NewsChannel 34’s Sarah Tranelli headed over to the training trailer at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open to talk with the staff about the importance of staying in shape and took a look at the different equipment available to the players each week.

Trainer Paul Schueren: “A golfer is not afraid to spend eight hours a day out here playing, hitting balls, chipping, putting and they will do that six days a week if they want to, seven if they want to. They have a lot of endurance, they have to have a lot of repetitions so the conditioning is important.”

Sarah Tranelli: “What’s something the average golfer can do to keep them healthy, but also maybe get a little more out of their golf game?”

Schueren: “To do some kind of a warmup or some kind of a routine before they play. It’s different for everybody. It could be as simple as riding a bike for 20 minutes, it could be some stretches. All of the guys out here have a different way of going about this. We are introducing what is known as a GEMSK ultrasound machine where we can actually do some diagnostic work with the physician and send images to that physician as it relates to maybe some injured tissue, maybe in the elbow or the wrist and we can help define how risky it is for a player to play or if he needs some additional testing.”

It really is a professional training room on wheels and a great resource for the players to have each week.