Many people think of golf as an individual sport.  In many ways it is, but at the professional level it is very much about having a strong relationship between the player and their caddy.

The person standing off to the side doesn’t always get the same attention, but their role is just as crucial to the player’s success.

NewsChannel 34’s Sarah Tranelli learned that first hand what the job entails when she got the chance to be a caddy for a day.

Sarah Tranelli: “I’m Sarah Tranelli here with fellow Rochestarian Jeff Sluman and I am going to be his caddy for the day. It’s a pleasure to have you and I’m glad I get to do this today. What’s the biggest thing that you look for in a caddy so that I know what I’m looking to do out here today?”

Jeff Sluman: “Well the first thing you did right was you showed up on time, so that’s number one. After that, you know, just make sure that I’m calm, cool and collected and we’ll have some fun.”

Sarah: “I’m here with Doug Lloyd, Jeff’s caddy and caddying is a team out here. A lot of people think of golf as an individual sport but it’s a team job. What are some of the things that you do out here that are most important for his success?”

Doug Lloyd: “Three things, you show up, you keep up and you shut up. That’s probably the three most important things, so if you do those you are going to be pretty successful.”

Sarah: “Golf is certainly a mental game as much as it is physical so how does the caddy play into that situation of the player’s mental game?”

Doug: “I think you just try to be the same every day, so no matter if you’re playing good or playing bad you just try to be the same. That’s the most important thing.”

Sarah: “Alright well we got three holes and two birdies, so how did I do out there?”

Sluman says: “Well you did very well. I think you could have a career in caddying but thank goodness you don’t need one. There is a little more going on than people think. I believe the average viewer gets out there and he thinks it’s boom, boom, boom, but there is a lot going on that the caddy is responsible for that really does help the player and hopefully you got a little taste of it.”