Destination NY: Gowanda Railroad


GOWANDA, NY – While passenger rail service has decreased substantially over the past half century, many unused portions of track have been repurposed for leisure and sightseeing rides.

NewsChannel 34’s John Kucko takes us on a ride along the New York and Lake Erie line.

Operating out of Gowanda, New York, just south of Buffalo, is the New York and Lake Erie Railroad, offering passenger excursions along the beautiful countryside of Cattaraugus County.

And it was this stone tunnel that made a cameo in the movie “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.”

“You’re riding behind the latest 1950’s technology and the fifties were certainly an amazing time in this country. Takes you back a little bit. We’ve got cars, these two here were built in the early twenties and remodeled, rebuilt again in the fifties, and it’s just a great train ride, you know? People don’t go for train rides for leisure anymore, and even less and less for travel, so it’s really a nice thing to bring your family out to,” says Train Engineer Tom Patterson.

They will be offering excursions right into the fall and winter.

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