ALBANY, NY – The primary races getting the most attention statewide today are the contests for governor.

Both Democrats and Republicans are selecting their candidates.

As NewsChannel 34’s Jamie DeLine shows us, Governor Hochul looked strong going into today’s Democratic contest.

Leading in the polls is current Governor, Kathy Hochul. Since taking office, she has signed legislation strengthening New York State gun laws, such as raising the age from 18 to 21 to buy a semi-automatic weapon. She plans to sign more gun legislation this week in a special legislative session that would define sensitive places where people would not be allowed to carry concealed guns. She has also signed off on $35 million dollars in funding for abortion service providers, saying New York is a safe harbor for those from other states looking to have an abortion.

Tom Suozzi is another democratic candidate. Currently, he serves in congress.

As governor, he says he wants to fix the bail reform law to allow judges to take dangerousness into account, expand gun buy back programs, and Wants to lower property tax and cut state income tax by 10 percent.

Public Advocate, Jumanee Williams is also running for governor. Vowing that if he is elected, he wants to make sure everyone has affordable housing and quality healthcare. He also wants to develop a universal childcare system to help the economy.