BINGHAMTON, NY – Retired Air Force Commander Max Della Pia of Owego has announced another run for Congress.

The Democrat from Owego was narrowly beaten by 230 votes by Tracy Mitrano in the 2018 Democratic primary for the 23rd District, despite holding a slim lead on primary night.

Mitrano would go on to lose to Republican Tom Reed that November and again in 2020.

Reed has chosen not to run for re-election after being accused of a drunken instance of sexual harassment.

The 23rd has been expanded eastward to include all of Tioga County, northern Broome and western Chenango County.

Della Pia says he sees running for office as a continuation of his service and he criticized Tenney for sponsoring legislation that would restrict people’s ability to vote.

We spoke with Della Pia this afternoon as he was traveling to the western portion of the district as part of the petition gathering process.

“My wife and I, after 10 moves in the military, we decided to move to Owego and make it our home. We’re very proud to be members of the Southern Tier. We want someone from our district to represent us,” says Pia.

Della Pia says he’d like to see more investment in broadband infrastructure and he says the U-S needs to reform its healthcare system in a way that reduces the need for people to file for bankruptcy due to large medical bills.

He says he’s happy that he won’t be facing a primary this time around as no other Democrat has announced intentions to run.

However, Della Pia may find a slightly steeper hill to climb as redistricting removed Democrat-heavy Ithaca from the district.

Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, who currently represents the 22nd District, has announced her candidacy for the newly redrawn 23rd.

Broome County Republican officials say they haven’t heard of any other Republicans carrying petitions in the 23rd so it’s shaping up to be a November contest between Tenney and Della Pia.