ALBANY, NY – Congressman Antonio Delgado has been named the next Lt. Governor of New York State after the previous lieutenant governor resigned in scandal. Now that Delgado has been chosen, what are the next steps in the process?

“I am beyond excited. I am. I am Beyond excited to get out there and connect. To connect with the people of New York,” says Delgado.

When will he connect as Lieutenant Governor? That answer remains to be seen. Right now, he is the congressman in the 19th district representing parts of the Capitol region and the Hudson Valley. Although he’s been chosen, he won’t actually become Lt. Governor until he’s sworn in.

“The only outstanding question is the exact timing of when he will resign from congress. Give a little time for transition because he’s very dedicated to his constituents, his team, and there is work to be finished before he assumes these responsibilities,” says Hochul.

When asked if there will be time to call a special election to fill Delgado’s congressional seat, this was Hochul’s response:

“this is obviously very new and we are just working out the timing on everything. We are not sure how this coincides with the other elections. We know the Statutory requirement to call a special election within 10 days of the vacancy being created. And within 70 to 80 days you have to have a special election. That’s a fairly new law that was enacted by the legislature. So we are just keeping an eye on that and will be happy to announce it as soon as we figure out what that looks like,” says Hochul.

Although an exact date has not been set, the governor says he will be sworn in sometime this month. After a controversial bill to change state election law recently passed in the legislature, Delgado’s name will now be allowed on the June primary ballot.