DELAWARE COUNTY – Delaware County announced Tuesday they were not be enforcing the Governor’s mask mandate.

According to a post on their website, the county will not reallocate their strained resources to check on business compliance.

Gov. Hochul defends New York mask mandate: ‘This is a holiday surge’

The county goes on to say that other businesses and agencies operating within the county may have their own rules and mandates which all visitors should follow.

The county is not against the mandate in general and encourages everyone to wear a mask and get the vaccine as well as continue to be diligent about hand washing and social distancing.

The mandate was put in place by Governor Hochul on the 13th and will be re-evaluated on the 15th of January.

Delaware is not the only county to not enforce the new rule – Saratoga County and Rensselaer County are opting out of enforcement for their own reasons.