Debra Gelson fires back after attack ad


BINGHAMTON, NY – Democratic candidate Debra Gelson is demanding that her opponent stop airing an attack ad that she claims is full of lies.

Gelson held a news conference this afternoon to decry a recent political advertisement by Republican candidate Paul Battisti’s campaign.

The commercial paints Gelson as an outsider who has lived in several states, only recently moved to our area and has little court experience.

Gelson says much of it is a fabrication.

She says she went to college in Ohio, but never practiced law there, has family in Vermont and Florida, but never lived there, and has only been to Puerto Rico once on a week-long vacation.

And she disputes a lack of local court experience saying she’s handled over 50 serious criminal cases, including 2 jury trials, since moving to Greater Binghamton in 2017 to take a position with the law firm Tully Rinckey.

She says the lies prove that Battisti isn’t fit to be DA.

“Who would stoop to such a low level in such an important race in an attempt to deflect negative attention of his own lack of qualifications and experience having absolutely no experience prosecuting criminal cases,” says Gleson.

Battisti responded with a statement that the locations in question are all listed in her employment history in her public LinkedIn profile.

And he sticks by his assertion that she hasn’t lived in our community long enough to understand the local issues.

Battisti, Gelson and Libertarian candidate Mike Korchak face each other in the general election on Tuesday November 5th.

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