ALBANY, NY – In just 2 days, New York State will have a new Lieutenant Governor.

Congressman Antonio Delgado will be sworn in, taking over the role from Brian Benjamin who resigned.

NewsChannel 34’s Jamie DeLine gives us a timeline on when Delgado will officially take office and what his congressional seat will now look like under the new redistricting map.

Before Antonio Delgado becomes lieutenant Governor, he first has to resign from congress.

Governor Hochul will then issue a proclamation for special election to be held in August on the same day as the congressional primary.

The special election is open to all registered voters regardless of party, who are currently in the 19th district as it stands today.

So far, a handful of congressional candidates have announced their run for New York’s new 19th district. That district looks very different following last week’s release of the new congressional redistricting map.

“It’s just including so many different communities and counties, so yeah. Its a completely different district we will see how that pans out, who decides to run for the office, and how the votes shake out.”

The district will now span from the Hudson Valley, to parts of Central New York and the Southern Tier. This now changes things for the constituents of in the New 19th district.

“All of a sudden, people in one county are going to have to coordinate with people in a completely different set of countries that they aren’t familiar with perhaps if they want to get their voices heard in Washington.”

When it comes to which way the new district will lean politicially, Steven Romalewski says that’s anyone’s guess.

“With district 19 for example, it’s pretty hard to say because if you look at the current district 19, Biden won that slightly in 2020, and the New district 19 includes parts of the new district 19, but also part of the current district of 22 and also 23.”

He says those districts voted for Trump in 2020.

Reporting in Albany, I’m Jamie DeLine.

Republican Marc Molinaro, the current Dutchess County Executive, has announced plans to run for both the special election in the current 19th district, and in November for the newly drawn 19th, even though it won’t include Dutchess.

Democrat Pat Ryan, the Ulster County Executive, plans to run in the 19th special election and then switch in the Fall to run for the new 18th which will include Ulster.

Democrat Josh Riley, who grew up in Endicott and now lives in Tompkins County, says he plans to run in the new 19th.