BINGHAMTON, NY – Tomorrow’s First Friday Art Walk features the work of a local photographer who uses a variety of techniques to highlight the beauty of our area.

Dan Simonds likes taking pictures of cityscapes and nature scenes.

He takes photos on the ground as well as using a professional drone for aerials.

The drone can take multiple pictures in a grid and stitch them together to create enormous panoramas.

Plus, Simonds also blends together multiple exposures of the same photo in a manner that can give the impression the photo is actually a painting.

“Some of these I actually do edit with the specific purpose of making it look like a painting. To me, it’s sort of like a mixed media art almost. I don’t really see that there has to be a boundary between this is a photograph, this is a painting,” says Simonds.

Simonds is displaying some of his work on the second floor of Muckles! Ink at the corner of State and Court.

Muckles! was purchased by Red Barn Technology Group in 2019.

President of Red Barn Jon Layish says he’s always been drawn to artistic people.

“Whether you appreciate the creativity, whether you are creative, whether your creativity comes out in different ways, I think art is becoming more and more intertwined with our digital worlds with the way that we communicate our thoughts and ideas,” says Layish.

Red Barn has recently started partnering with non-profits to establish online stores where people can order merchandise with those organization’s logos or messaging.

Layish says he’d like to try the same approach with artists and artisans.

The Dan Simonds photography show will run from 4 to 8 P-M tomorrow.