BINGHAMTON, NY – A local manufacturer of test systems for the electronics industry is moving into a new location as it expands its operations.

Custom Systems Integration is building a facility on Commercial Drive in the Town of Maine near the Greater Binghamton Regional Airport.

General Manager Dave Jones says C-S-I is outgrowing its current space at the Glendale Technology Park.
Plus the new design will improve the manufacturing work flow.

Jones says C-S-I’s success is a benefit to the local electronics manufacturing ecosystem.

Jones helped to start the employee-owned company more than 2 decades ago.

“20 years later, we’re now a well-established, recognized leader in the test and measurement market across the U.S. Most of our customers are not in the Northeast, they’re outside the Northeast. And that allows us to bring that business into this area and we have a large network of local suppliers that we push locally,” says Jones.

Jones says C-S-I currently has 26 employees with openings for several more.

The goal is to move into the new facility this Spring.