Cubed Naturals CBD products treat a variety of ailments


While the recent Farm Bill passed by Congress legalized hemp nationally, there’s a local company that’s been producing hemp-based medicinal products for over a year.

Cubed Naturals in Johnson City manufactures CBD tinctures and topical that can be used to treat a variety of ailments.

The company’s focus is on all-natural, affordable products using cannabidiol, a chemical compound derived from hemp, that’s commonly known as CBD.

Cubed Natural gets CBD in a nearly pure powder form, which makes it easier to control the dosage, and then mixes it with olive oil.

Managing Member Wayne Kerber says CBD helps users in two broad areas: anxiety and other mental health concerns, and pain.

Kerber says it’s an excellent anti-inflammatory, and a substitute for aspirin or ibuprofen.

He says he’s received many stories of success treating chronic conditions. “We see something that works. We’ve been talking not just with people but with medical professionals on their level about patients that they are dealing with who are using a product like this.  It’s kind of interesting. It makes you feel really good.”

Kerber says all of the Cubed Naturals products are third party tested and he encourages consumers to always check the amount of actual CBD in a product before purchasing.

For example, Kerber says some people mistakenly think all hemp products contain CBD which they do not.

For a list of over 25 locations that sell Cubed Naturals, go to

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