CSL Plasma to holds an open house tomorrow


There’s a new place opening in Endwell where people can help save a life while earning a little money. CSL Plasma is holding an open house tomorrow evening at its new location at 519 Hooper Road.

CSL collects donations of plasma, which is the portion of a person’s blood that forms clots. The plasma collected will be used in medications to treat hemophilia and other diseases. Donors first go through an initial screening and health history with a nurse, similar to when giving blood, that takes about an hour. An amount of plasma to donate is then determined based, in part, by the donor’s weight. The donation itself then takes about another hour to an hour and a half. Donors are compensated for their time based on the amount of plasma given, typically between $30 and $35 on a reloadable VISA prepaid card. Center Manager Barbie Ferrese says she’s heard from many who want to donate.

“A lot of people, they know someone who has hemophilia.  How can I donate?  How can I give back?  There’s been many people who would come up and say, ‘My brother or a friend of mine was in a traumatic car accident, had it not been for the plasma, they would have bled to death.’  So, they want to give back.”

Ferreses says the donation itself is also similar to giving blood in that a needle is injected into the donor’s arm. However, the blood goes into a machine that extracts the plasma before returning the remaining blood to the body through the same needle. Donors only lose a small margin of their plasma and can donate twice a week separated by 48 hours.

Tomorrow’s open house runs from 6 until 8 PM. CSL Plasma plans to be up and running by the middle of next week.

For more information, go to CSLplasma.com

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