BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Last month, a man was shot by a bow and arrow at the abandoned Vestal Hills Country Club in the Town of Binghamton. Today, the man who shot the arrow plead guilty to his charges and will be sentenced to New York State Prison in November.

Carson Vanco, 20 of Endicott, plead guilty to Felony Attempted Assault in the First Degree before Hon. Joseph Cawley.

Vanco admitted to shooting a 23-year-old male in the chest with an arrow, discharged from a compound bow, during a dispute. Vanco caused serious physical injury to the victim that resulted in hospitalization.

He will receive a sentence of 8 years in New York State Prison with 5 years of post-release supervision on November 29th.

The man who Vanco shot, Bayso Vannavongsa, was reportedly stashing weapons on the grounds of the abandoned country club. After the incident, he was charged with numerous counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon among other drug-related charges.

There has been no update on Vannavongsa’s status.

You can read more about the November incident below.